8 Summer Reminders for your Investments

images-12Dear Mr. Market:

Through the end of last week the S&P 500 had posted a return that was up just over 19% for the year!  We’ve seen investors pull money out of fixed income investments at a record pace as they are chasing the impressive returns that the equities markets have posted.  If you’ve been in the market you’ve certainly enjoyed some positive returns but the question now is where do we go from here?  Below we’ve taken a few moments to put together some talking points that every investor should consider with their own portfolio.  As we are over half way through 2013 we find this a perfect time to revisit some reminders that we’ve touched on throughout this record-breaking year: Continue reading

The trend is NOT always your friend….

BitcoinDear Mr. Market:

How is it that through both bull and bear markets you are constantly able to create new products and services that entice investors to take on risk beyond what they need in their investment portfolios?   Time after time we’ve seen investors rush to get involved in the next great investment opportunity. Just looking at the last few years alone we’ve seen the Facebook IPO, Leveraged ETF’s, Day Trading, Managed Futures… and the list goes on and on.  Most recently we’ve seen a new “currency” hit the headlines and attract investors … Bitcoins.

This new digital currency has caught plenty of media attention with the price hitting extreme highs and lows.  Just in the last two weeks Bitcoins were worth as much as $260 a piece and then within days they dropped down to $100 a piece.  This decentralized digital currency allows for exchange without any regulations or protection.  It is based on an online programming code written by a group or an individual that operate under the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”.  If that doesn’t make individuals feel secure then knowing that they can never hold these ‘coins’ in their hands but instead can hold them in their online digital wallet definitely should! Continue reading