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This blog attempts to educate and entertain investors about the world of finance and the stock market. It’s brought to you in the form of letters written to the fictional character, “Mr. Market”.

This character was created by Benjamin Graham who developed the Value based approach to investing in the 1930s. In Graham’s book, “The Intelligent Investor”, the character of Mr. Market is always willing to either buy your stock position or sell you more; sometimes at what appears to be a reasonable price and then at other times at a flat out insulting one.

Mr. Market can be very cruel and also quite rewarding to investors ; always playing with their emotions. He is volatile and very unpredictable.

Regardless of how much you study him and try to figure him out, Mr. Market can simply humble even the most educated and experienced investor…

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I got in at the top of the market…Now What?!?

Dear Mr. Market:

It’s over.

The “fat lady is singing”, the alarm bells are ringing, and you are literally the last dunce in the room who decided to get into the market at the all-time high. Now Mr. Market shows you what real pain looks like and sells off like nobody has ever imagined.

Let us preface this article by stating it’s worth bookmarking and revisiting for those times when you may be rethinking your investment time horizon or just how much risk you truly are able to take on.

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